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Calling All Music Artists!!!

2008-08-01 21:04:26 by XceeD

I have been receiving a lot of great feedback on my recent release: Feel the Beat (F2Jam). I would first like to thank everybody that played and wrote reviews to me.

And to answer a lot of people, I am working on another version of the game. (Coming out soon too. And when I say soon, I don't mean multiplayer shooter soon :P.)

In this version, music artists will be able to upload their own songs for everyone to play.

But before I can release the game, I need some music!
If you are a music artist interested in having their song in my game, please let me know. I will give full credit for the song (obviously).

Leave a message with a link (or links) to songs you would be willing to let me use.

P.S. You will most likely need to be able to re-export the music. So if you don't have the project files anymore, that song most likely won't do.

Looking for Pixel Artists for a new (very huge) game!

2008-07-06 10:03:16 by XceeD

I'm about to start making a new Flash game and need some Pixel Artists to help me.
I want to keep it a secret for now, so I don't want to give more information out.

For "more" information: 3524

PM me if you're interested!

Oh yeah, on a side note... Coolio and I ARE currently still working on Combat Online :D.

Hey NG and Happy New Year :D!

I'll soon be releasing a bunch of new games, including "Feel The Beat!"

Sorry for delaying the release for FTB but I wanted to ArmorGames Competition to be over and get a sponsorship from them xD. I have another few games ready for release also :D.

And about the multiplayer shooter... I would like to say: I AM SOOOO SORRY TO EVERYONE WHO REALLY WANTED IT OUT TODAY :(. I procrastinated SO much, it's far from ready xD! Same as it was since the beginning of the school year for me. (So sorry :(...) But I promise to work on it for one hour every weekend!

And with that done... Back to my homework xD.

(Check out the picture :P [ 67/games08is9.jpg]. There were two more that I couldn't fit. Try to name em all and leave a name of the game you want to try out. If you do really well, I'll send you a link to try that game out :D. For the FTB games, you gotta name the songs :P.)

Happy New Year! So many new games to release xD!

I've been soooo tired lately that I didn't get time to work on the shooter yet.
The small update is that Coolio is going to be helping me again except I think we'll be delaying the release date. (Sorry.)


F2Jam v4: Small Teaser Shot!

2007-11-17 20:27:10 by XceeD

Here's a small teaser of F2Jam v4 (to be known as "Feel The Beat").

And yes, hold notes!

Well, this game's gonna be so awesome :D! I've created a method to get perfect sync and I made the game very smooth. It'll probably run at 40-50FPS on a browser. It'll be sooo awesome :D!

Just to let you all know, the current "version" of the game (the one I just took a screenshot of) is already 50% synced :P.

My first release will be KineticEnergy's -Endless- song. (KineticEnergy changed accounts to PhysX and the song isn't uploaded, apparently. But still, he's awesome :D!)


F2Jam v4: Small Teaser Shot!

F2Jam v4 - OMGWTFBBQ! Music artists, please look :D!

2007-10-14 13:22:39 by XceeD

Hey NG!

I've decided to start working on F2Jam v4 (though it'll be called something totally different, like "Feel The Beat" or something). I'm going to (or hoping to) TOTALLY revolutionize Flash music games with this next release :D!
You'll see what I mean :P.

Well, I've been looking far and wide for songs and I've even posted something in the forums.
Here's my current list:

Sonic 2 Invinciblity /89736

SC2 Thraddash Remix /88569

Powerhouse /88330

Majesty v2 /89433

Brood of Beelzebub /99512

Exalted Sinner WIP /95573

-Endless- /100797

{Runaway} /75190

Heaven Is A Place On Earth /100145

- Forever - (Full) /95616

- Zajed's Anthem - /96145

- lullaby - /100362

Fightin' Freddy /96655

Dancing AND-DROID /72868

So, if you're a music artist and you wanna submit a song to me:
"For my game, I sort of need these songs in a special format. I need it so that each instrument and so are in a seperate sound file. All the background sounds can be put into the same file. An example is like the drums and the lead guitar are in seperate files."
Please PM me.

Since it'll be very hard to put all those songs into one game, I'm probably going to release a version of F2Jam v4 for either each song or each artist (because each song will have to be manually engineered into it). Though for each artist, it'll still be complex.

Lastly, I would like to say... This'll kick so much ass :D!

Dayum :D!

P.S. Oh, I'm still working on the multiplayer shooter!

Well, I've been trying out some explosions and all and I came this tutorial,
and it really helped me out with making an explosion and stuff :D.

Well, here's the explosion and hellfire animation. I'm going to have 4 animations of each so it won't look so rigid when it's in game. ge=randomeffectscv8.swf

And, the awesomest spriter in the world (deathfinderxx, who's now a newgrounds member :D! go check out his page) finished the weapon sprites :D. Mad coolio :D!

P.S. Coolio-Niato's Oinky is sexy and Charles Brockden Brown is the hottest writer (no, I'm not gay :P).

Ulterior Online - Progress Report

2007-09-29 10:15:57 by XceeD

Man, it's been a while since I've made a progress report... And I won't disappoint anyone this time :D!!!

I've made a cooler login/lobby screen. It lokos mad sick. The game is improved a LOT. I got some sick graphics and you can actually die in game now. It's soo awesome. The shop is working, you can buy guns and ammos. It'll work like CS's shop system. It's heck of a lotta fun :D!

Current Progress:
Login: 75% - Same as before
Lobby: 95% - Same as before
Game Lobby: 85% - Same as before
Game: 75%
-Movement: 100%
-Shooting: 90% - You can shoot and the health bar works! The only thing though is that explosions don't work yet. I need to get graphics for those. If you can draw explosions, please let me know :D!
-Chatting: 100%
-Weapon Manufacturing: 99% - Same as before
-Graphics: 50% - Aren't the graphics awesome now?
-Respawn: 85% - You can respawn when you die except there's no timer yet, it's instant respawn for now
-Scoretable: 95% - It's basically done but can use some touchups
-Shop: 90% - Basically done, except I can add several more things to it and make it better.

I'll be working on the ranking system and the avatar shops now.

Still hoping to have alpha and beta testing and all out by next month.

Leave a comment to sign up for closed beta!

Multiplayer Shooter: Ulterior Online

2007-09-23 19:03:40 by XceeD

The name of the game will be Ulterior Online :D! Just in case anyone cares xD!

Multiplayer Shooter: Ulterior Online

Multiplayer Shooter - Login/Lobby Sexiness

2007-09-23 12:32:52 by XceeD

Oh man! I've been working on the layout of everything (because I thought a white background is too upsetting to look at the whole time) and was inspired by Proxicide's (holy shit, he's godly :D!) menu and stuff.

So, I came up with this: /loginscreennq5.jpg
(small screen below)

Lobby background: 4/lobbyscreenen3.jpg

Far from Proxicide's sexiness and all but my friend loved it, and I'm happy with the results.


Multiplayer Shooter - Login/Lobby Sexiness